Sunday, September 15, 2013

Cotton Scarves!

While I love the dressed up and unique look of the lace, sequins and sparkle on the other scarves, there is nothing like a super-soft cotton scarf with a pair of jeans. It's like wearing your favorite t-shirt as a necklace.

I have listed a few on Etsy this last week and I have several more coming down the pipeline. :)

I have made a firm commitment to myself - I will only make & sell items that I will wear personally. I am not doing this project to simply sell things (although that is nice ;), I want to believe in my items and stand behind them 100%. Many times I have been walking through a fabric supply store and came across something nice that I thought "I would never wear that, but I bet it would sell." No.  I'm sticking to my guns on this one. I am the producer, model, seller and probably the most important - the tester of everything. Everything I make must hold up in the washing machine (or be worth hand washing) and take abuse like all of my other clothing. I want to make sure that my items will truly hold up use after use, wash after wash, and I like to take it to the extreme! Most people probably wouldn't wash a scarf after one use- but I do! Aside from being a great make-up and crumb collector throughout the day, I want to see what 10-20 washes will do to my product. (And so far, so good - I will do a post in the near future showing a brand new scarf and one(s) that I have worn to show how they hold up. :)

This one is probably my go-to for most outfits. Polka dots are just easy to work with in an outfit.

I am in LOVE with this fabric. It is a little more bold, but the small picture simply does not do it justice.

This is another fabric that I am in love with. It's a little softer on the eyes and it goes with just about everything. I love the pattern and the feel of the material - I have a few scraps tucked aside to add to  a quilt I am working on. :)

This fabric is just fun. It's a little brighter, but I think it is the perfect addition for a fall and/or spring outfit.

I use this a lot as another go-to item. It's simple and oh-so-comfy. :)

Last but not least, I think this one is fun! I work with kids quite a bit and it goes nicely in the work atmosphere. I think it would be a great addition to a teacher's wardrobe.

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